Moby Tuna Knife
Knife: MobyType: Tuna SwordMaterials: Pattern Welded Steel, Crucifix Walnut, Ebony and Opal Accent
This has been one of my favorite builds and was one of those projects that I said “I will never make one of those”. Well I made one, and fell in love with the flow and the highly stylized shape of the Maguro Bocho Tuna Sword.
I added my own personal touch with an inspired whale of a handle with a whale of a tail. The light weight of this knife betrays its size, super thin and flexible. If you look closely at the steel you will find some seagulls to go with the theme. “From Hell’s Heart I stab at thee”.

Cutting edge: 18 inches
Overall length: 31

Moby Tuna Knife