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Joshua Prince is the sole owner and creator for Princeworksforge, Operating in Barrington, Rhode Island since 2016. 

I focus on sculptural knives, utilizing high grade knife steel and unique materials for handles and fittings. My desire is to make knives one at a time and have them available to aficionados of both fine cooking and cutlery.

The process of making a one of a kind knife involves several intense processes. The steel is made by combining different high carbon cutlery steels in order to reveal a pattern. Combining steels involves a process of forge welding in heat and applying crushing pressures up to 25 tons. The pattern is achieved through many cycles of heating, forging, cleaning, cutting, and reassembly of the components.

The steel must then be treated by cycles of heating and cooling in order to impart the qualities of a functional high performance tool. Shaping the steel is achieved through both hammer and through grinding and sanding through many grits to achieve a final finish. Handle materials and fitting are carefully chosen to compliment the steel in shape, color, and tone.

Before coming to metal as a material in 2016 I have worked since childhood in many sculptural materials including wood, stone, concrete and foundry. I am an enthusiast of bonsai and cooking.

Designing and forging these objects is a passionate pursuit, and it gives me great joy when people take an interest in what I am doing and share the excitement by choosing to own something I have conceived and labored into existence. Thank you for visiting.


Joshua Prince

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